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We get asked a ton of questions, which is great! We encourage people to ask if they aren't sure. Here is a short list of FAQs we get asked the most. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email or call us from the link below.

How long will my session take?

This all depends on a few key factors.

1) How much material do you intend to record?

2) How well rehearsed are you and your band if you're not a solo act?

3) How elaborate of a setup are we doing?

4) Are we recording digitally or to tape?

All of these things will have a direct relationship to how long a recording session will take. Any questions can be answered easily during a simple pre-production meeting.

Can my friends come?

We don't mind if you have a few pals or spouses that want to come along for added support. We do however want to stress the importance of workflow and concentration that is required during sessions. If someone is being disruptive or impeding the process, this could become inefficient, and most likely cost you extra time.

how long will it take to mix?

Again, this will depend on how much material there is, and how detailed you want your mix to be. Since mixing can be a tedious step and solely dependent on personal tastes, please keep in mind the time needed to perform the various steps in editing, and selecting effects for your music. There are of course multiple styles of mixing, which we can do and they each need they're allotted time to perform. Rest assured we will give your song(s) the proper attention each deserve and will be done so in the agreed upon amount of time.

can i sit in on the mixing process?

In short, Yes. we even encourage it sometimes depending on your material.

can we record and mix/master on the same day?

Again...Yes. Although it is not our preferred method, we understand you are on a tight schedule. Usually we like to have a few days to do any post production stuff, but if you need it right away, we can work something out that everyone can agree on and be happy with.

can i get a copy of the raw tracks?

Yes. If you would like a "rough mix" we can upload the song(s) to Dropbox or Google Drive, or even burn CD's for you to review.

     uploads are free/CD's are $2 ea.

what about the stem files and project storage?

At the completion of the project all of the above is turned over to the client to be stored or used at their discretion.

Some long term storage options can be : External HDD, Flash drives, Online storage 

Are there hotels, restaurants, or convenience stores nearby?

There are hotels, and restaurants within a 10-12 mile radius of the studio. We also have a convenience store right down the road that carries drinks and snacks as well as making subs and sandwiches. 

did we miss something?

Please feel free to send us an email with any questions you may have. We want your experiance here to be great and will do our best to answer any inquires you might have.

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