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Most Of us know there are many ways to achieve a desirable recording. We are here to help both the beginer as well as the seasoned veteran. We've nailed down a few styles to choose from and are always welcome to creative input.

Normal Tracking to a PC via DAW

Whether it's a live session with minimal overdubs or, a full on tracked out production, this is the most conservative and economical way to approach a studio session. Digital format is very forgiving and takes minimal setup and execution time.

Analog Recording Session

On the flip side, analog recording sessions take an extra amount of planning, time, and expense. There are tape costs, as well as pre-planning sessions to ensure everyone involved is on the same page. Extra time is needed to dial things in precisely and accurately. The advantage to going to tape is it's warmth and saturation un-paralleled by digital recording.

     All recording sessions include an engineer or an assistant. If you prefer to hire your own engineer, you can rent the studio and we will arrange for an assistant to help at a reduced rate.

Please contact us HERE if you are interested in just renting the studio.

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