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Book any 2 consecutive days and receive $100 off
Every consecutive day after the first 2 days receive an extra $50 off each day
If time is booked during the weekdays ( M - F ) take an extra 10% off the total.

Book 3 days

Mon, Tues, Wed

$350 a day = $1050

- $100 



= $795

(25% deposit at time of booking)


A pre-production consultation is free and recommended for a smooth recording session

The role of the producer will be decided during pre-production. We here at the studio wear many hats and can also be hired as producers for your project as well.

Producer rates :




In general we like to book recording or tracking time at the studio in daily, or half day blocks. This allows our clients to focus on their craft instead of the clock. We do offer hourly rates as well if you feel you need less time.



Daily : $350  8-12 hours

Half Day : $200  4-6 hours

Hourly : $60 w/2hr minimum

     Weekend Tracking sessions     

   $600 (Friday night through Sunday evening)


We accept wav files via Dropbox, Google Drive, Flash Drives, CDR, Wetransfer, etc.:



We prefer to master from the highest bit rate files you can send us, not less then 44.1kHz 24 bit. This allows us to get the most fidelity we can from your work.

Mastering....$40 per song ITB

                                     $60 Analog/Digital Hybrid

We are flexible on our rates, and times especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help local musicians make awesome sounding recordings.
All rates include an engineer.
Click on any of the links above to send us an email about scheduling.

Questions?....Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

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