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Production is an essential and on-going part of the recording process. Whether it's figuring out the arrangement for your full on analog experience, or simply what songs to track and in what order, production decisions need to be made throughout your studio session.

Pre-production consultations are recommended, and come at no cost. This is an easy step to take in assuring everyone involved is on the same page, and where any questions or concerns can be answered ahead of time. 

Pre-Production.... the nitty gritty

Who/what is this project for?

How many songs/tracks would you like to record?

Who's running the show? - aka the producer

Who will be performing on this project?

Will you need additional studio musicians/instrumentation?

All of the above can be taken care of in a simple pre-production meeting (preferred) or via email if necessary.   We can also determine what the over all goal is, and what the estimated total cost for production will be. 


We do require at least half of the estimated production cost as a deposit to hold your specified date. At that time we will also need to collect any extra capital needed to hire or rent any additional gear or talent.

* Final payment is due at the time of the agreed completion of the project.

* Unless deemed an emergency, cancellations made less then 30 days prior to your session will forfeit at least half of your deposit.


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