Locals  Only  Showcase

   These are just a few of our local area artists that have been to the Ranch.

We'll change them out from time to time so check back to see whats new on the

Locals Only Showcase!

Timmy and the Creeping Thyme

Fresh hot tunes for the Harrisburg, PA area! Timmy and the Creeping Thyme bring 25+ years of combined rock pageantry to the stage! 

Jesse Landis and Friends

Jesse is a native PA resident with incredible talent and taste! Definitely one of my favorite albums to come out of the studio!

Check out Jesse Landis HERE

(This is a sneak peak at his upcoming album! Check back for more details! Coming soon!!)

Cody Wilt
Cody Wilt.jpg

Nothing says PA like some good old fashion folk/country music. Relax on your porch swing with your favorite beverage and enjoy some down home tunes.

The Blandinas
Blandinas Pin Design black background 30

Hailing from Bloserville, PA, This power sludge trio will melt faces with fuzzed out bass and snotty vocals, to screaming guitar licks and distortion!

For more samples of our work feel free to click on any of the links above or check out our Soundcloud page. OR, Feel free to email us and we can send you samples in pretty much any form or style you need.

Here are some more very talented people whom we've had the pleasure of helping

throughout the years. Be sure to click on their           and check out all of their social media sites, give them a like, and BUY their merchandise! 


Latimore Sky
Jesse Landis
Brandon Brookens

Puffer Fish

Rhythm On Main

El Guano

Cabin Fever Project

Headache With Pictures

Full Regalia

Rocket Brigade

It's Not Rocket Science

Da Merge

Tony Fitting

Elisa Smith