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There are infinite amounts of mixing styles and ways to get a desired final product. We've outlined a few of the different choices we have to offer here at the studio. Each style has it's own "flavor" so to speak, and requires it's own amount of time to perform. Depending on how your finished product is to be distributed will also help determine the best way to approach the mixing process needed for your material..

*Breakfast Blend...(in the box)

This is self explanitory and is the most common way of mixing by today's standards. We have top of the line plugins and use various styles of ITB mixing to produce a quality mix you and others will be proud of and enjoy.

*Medium Roast...(hybrid mix)

Recorded tracks can be run through our tape machine and then recorded back to our DAW, This can be done to all the tracks or just certain ones, including the master stereo buss to impart the true sound of analog tape to the mix.

**dark/espresso...(all analog)

This is a true analog mixing process. Depending on how your tracks were recorded, we will route them back through our console and mix them in real time. We can then bounce the finished tracks down to 2 track stereo 1/4" tape for exporting to a mastering facility, or handle them in house.

* ITB mix sessions can be recalled and tweaked for free 2 times

**Analog sessions require more time and will be limited to 1 free recall

Additional charges will be determined at the discretion of the mixing engineer if multiple recalls are required

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