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Digital/Analog - Analog/Digital Transfers

We offer a unique but, not unheard of service we call our DAD Treatment or, Digital/Analog/Digital service. This method is used to impart the sometimes subtle, to the completely saturated sound of true analog tape to your mixes or tracks.

We send your digital tracks out through our Antelope D/A converters and record them to our 2 track Otari tape machine using MDS-36 analog 1/4" tape. Then send the tape recorded tracks back through our pair of selected preamps, for a little gain and flavor to taste. From there the tracks are sent directly back through our Antelope A/D converters and saved as wav.files.


Not only can this be done to the stereo track but, it can be done to each individual track in a mix. Sometimes using this method on specific tracks is all the song might need. Having the ability to use tape as an effect as well as a critical tool in music production is just one of the things that sets us apart from other studios in this area. 


In the same vein as D/A/D, we also offer A/D/ or D/A services. We can transfer cassettes to digital or vis verse. We even have a DAT machine to transfer any old multi track DAT projects that you might have lying around.

We charge our normal hourly, half day, and full day rates for all of our transfer services

 Please Email us direct for any inquires or questions regarding this or any of the services we offer. 

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