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Shaw Ranch Studio


At Shaw Ranch we have a great room and ton's of microphones to capture your performance. Whether it's a live session, or tracked out, we can ensure a quality recording every time.

 Together we have years of combined experience mixing numerous styles of music. From " in the box" to full on analog console mixing, and everything in between. If you aren't sure, we can help you decide what best suits your project.

Mastering is an art all to itself.  We do have mastering capabilities here at the studio and are ready to help you finish off your project with the finesse and quality it deserves.




 - Our Engineers -

Steve is the co-owner of Shaw Ranch Studio. He along with his wife Rene, run the studio. Steve has been involved in the local music scene either drumming in bands or helping run sound since the early 90's and has been building and operating SRS for 15 years now. His desire to help the local music scene has blossomed into a full fledged position and not only helps local and regional bands record and preserve their music, but offers live sound reinforcement services  for many locals and national acts that come through the area as well.

Tim has been honing his mix magic for the past twenty+ years. Always looking for the next sonic adventure. He resides in Marysville, PA with his wife Sheena and their 3 fur babies ... where he also owns and operates his own home studio, Tiger In Monkey.  Over the years we have worked and collaborated on a few projects together here at the Ranch, including a few of his own.  In 2018 Tim agreed to bring his skill set and services here and have taken things to another level!  We couldn't imagine being without him. Thanks Timmy!!

Steve Shaw
Tim Lengel
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Steve and Tim have a wide span of musical tastes and talents. Between the 2 of them their abilities to produce, engineer, mix, and master multiple genres of music, in and on different formats has opened up many opportunities and services for the local scene. Both guys are easy to work with and full of ideas and knowledge. 

Contact us today and see if Tim or Steve are the right choice to help bring your project to life!


Shaw Ranch Studio started out as a place to help local artists take their music to the next level. We pride ourselves on creating BIG sounds on a low budget. Located outside of the city on private property, the studio is easily accessible and is away from the normal distractions that can impede a performance. There is a comfortable 20'x16' live room with a 15' high sloped ceiling. The room is treated and can be manipulated into a dry or lively sounding room. The control room sits adjacent to the live room and has been treated as well to allow for an enjoyable and detailed area suited for mixing and mastering. We have a very laid back comfortable atmosphere here, and feel we are accommodating in most every way. 


Over the years we've recorded many different genres of music. From solo singer songwriter projects, to full on rock&roll productions. If you're interested in checking out some of the musicians that have worked with us, click on the tab below and browse the talent that has come through our doors. Be sure to check out their Facebook page and any media outlets they may be using.

Hold Fast LOTR.jpg

Hold Fast is this areas best mix of Celtic, Punk, and traditional Irish roots. These guys are amazing and you should definitely check them out!  This album was recorded and mixed here at The Ranch and produced by Hold Fast.

Available NOW!!!

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Shaw Ranch Studio

4010 Enola RD

Newville,PA 17241


Our studio is open 7 days a week:


Monday - Thursday 8am - 12am

Friday - Saturday - 8am - ?

Sunday - 12pm - 12am


Ready to book a session? 


Call us at 1-717-372-0313

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